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Renda Writer's Art Projects

Your Comfort Zone Will Kill You

Renda Writer is a renowned artist who is known for his incredibly creative projects. His trademarked signature phrase, 'Your Comfort Zone Will Kill You', has gone viral and has become an inspiration to many. 


World Peace Mural Tour

Renda Writer is the creator of the "World Peace Mural Tour​."  He is a "Handwritten Artist" from Miami, Florida.  He is driven by the ethos of "write it into existence."  This is his effort to enact change, using his art and his words.  He also believes firmly in the power of the Gandi quote, "Be the change you wish to see in the world."  With those ideas in mind, he launched the World Peace Mural Tour. 


Love Is A Risk. Do It Anyway.

My love for art has been a lifelong passion and I'm grateful that I get to do what I love every day. My art is all about provoking emotions and starting conversations. Love Is A Risk. Do It Anyway is a phrase that was trademarked by me in 2012 and has since gone viral as a message of hope and courage. I create art that inspires and challenges people, and I'm proud of the impact that my work has had on people's lives.


Grateful For Hip-Hop

Renda Writer started expressing his Gratitude for Hip-Hop in 2018, when he created an original canvas piece called, "Handwritten Art Tribute to Hip-Hop."  This piece is a long collection of names of Hip-Hop artists, in no particular order.  He sold the original, and continues to sell prints of the piece, and in 2020 he created a 2nd edition of this concept, with more names, written even smaller.  He still has the original of the 2nd edition, and consistently sells prints of it.  As a way to further express his Gratitude, he gives Free prints of both editions to the Hip-Hop artists that are mentioned in it.  He has gifted prints to 180+ such artists, to date.  To further continue the "Grateful for Hip-Hop" concept as a brand, Renda has also created a line of T-shirts that carry this simple phrase, and can be purchased for $30 each on  In 2023, Renda created a mural version of his previous two canvas tributes to Hip-Hop, and this mural is the Largest Hip-Hop Tribute Mural in the word, and the subject of his mini-documentary, also entitled, "Grateful for Hip-Hop."

Digital Art

Renda Writer's Digital Art

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