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  • Is Renda Writer your real name?
    Yes. Not my government name, but the name I have been going by for years.
  • How did you get started doing art?
    Long story short… I grew up listening to a lot of Hip-Hop, which is what got me into words and wordplay, and from there I got into poetry. I wrote, recorded and performed Spoken Word Poetry for over a decade, and around 2010 is when I started to realize that my poetry and my love for words could transition into a visual medium. I flowed in that direction for the next 3-4 years, and by 2014 I was doing murals, canvases, found object art, and was very much re-branded as a “Handwritten Artist.” I talk about this extensively in various interviews I’ve done, and you can find links to them on my LinkTree. CLICK HERE
  • Do you ever work with schools?
    Yes! I’ve done workshops at murals at various schools around the U.S., and I am available for booking at your school too. Visit the BOOK ME section here on my website so we can get me out to your school.
  • Do you only write “Love?”
    No, I write all sorts of words, phrases, quotes, and ideas. But, “Love” is definitely one of the more popular of the words that I do, which is why you see it in so many of my murals and canvas pieces.
  • I always see you with all these famous rappers.  How do you meet all of them, and why?
    The reason why I’ve made it a point to meet all of these rappers over the years is because I am gifting them all prints of the 1st and 2nd editions of my “Handwritten Art Tribute to Hip-Hop.” I’ve been doing this since 2018. I have also given many rappers my “Grateful for Hip-Hop” T-Shirts. You can see a full alphabetical list of every rapper I’ve met, and also see and purchase the T-Shirts and the 2 editions of the art by visiting As far as “How,” I guess I can say that I owe it all to The Law of Attraction, the power of intention, and just plain being focused and tapped in. If a rapper is performing or appearing somewhere, chances are that I know about it, and I’ve already got plans to be there.
  • Do you ever put your art on clothing or other products?
    Yes. Indeed, I do. You can buy my art on clothing and various other products by visiting my Redbubble page: CLICK HERE Pillows, Coffee Mugs, Yoga Pants, Greeting Cards, Notebooks… It’s all there. Check it out. And outside of the Redbubble stuff, I also do my own T-Shirts. I have “Grateful for Hip-Hop” T-Shirts and “Your Comfort Zone Will Kill You” T-Shirts, both of which can be found in my Big Cartel store. CLICK HERE to visit it.
  • How much do you charge for your murals?
    Prices vary depending on various variables, such as level of detail, location of wall and distance from my home base of New York, interior or exterior, level of customization, base color, etc. To get a quote for a mural on your wall, visit the BOOK ME section here, on my website, and we can get started.
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