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Welcome to my world of Handwritten Art! I'm Renda Writer, the Handwritten Artist who creates strikingly beautiful canvas pieces for galleries and exhibitions, and unique handwritten art for vending and pop-up shops. My creations are inspired by the beauty of the written word and its power to evoke emotions and inspire insights.



Renda Writer is a “Handwritten Artist.”  He creates large canvas “Handwritten Art” pieces for galleries and exhibitions and small “Handwritten Art” pieces for vending and “Pop-Up Shops.”

His art is informed by his “former life” as a Spoken Word and Slam Poet, and the core message in his art is an emphasis on the power of words, and a reminder that we can “write things into existence.”

He has worked with notable brands and organizations such as: Puma, The Miami Dolphins, Sixt Rent-A-Car, W Hotels, Hilton Hotels, The ACLU, McAllister Eyewear, MTV/Viacom, and Mont Blanc.

Renda Writer has over 5,000 collectors worldwide, including celebrity collectors: Puff Daddy, Dave Navarro, Maryann Williamson, Queen Latifah, Ice-T, Redman, & Wyclef Jean.  He has created over 500 murals since his first mural in the famous Wynwood Art District of Miami during Art Basel 2014, and has now left his mark in 8 countries with his signature “Handwritten Murals.” (USA, The UK, Spain, France, Trinidad, Haiti, Mexico, Italy). 86 of the murals he has created are a part of his ongoing project, The World Peace Mural Tour, which is a collection of large-scale murals that simply say, “World Peace” over and over, in Renda’s unique handwriting.


Renda’s signature phrases, “Your Comfort Zone Will Kill You,” “Love is a risk.  Do it anyway,” and “Feel Free to Feel Free” have all gone viral and continue to resonate with the people who come in contact with his art.  Elizabeth Gilbert (Author of “Eat, Pray, Love”) and Don Miguel Ruiz (Author of “The Four Agreements”) have reposted Renda’s work on Instagram, which is the platform he has utilized most to foster having a fanbase of loyal supporters and collectors.  He invites you to follow him now.



At the end of the day, Renda Writer is happy to be rooted in the idea that “Gratitude Brings Abundance,” which is why he has such an abundant list of accomplishments and achievements, and why he stays in an attitude of gratitude every day



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